Dear … (III)

Dear Lover,   I want to lay beside you I want to lay there and do nothing Nothing but talk Talk about you Talk about me Talk about us Hear all the stories I’ve heard before and listen anyways I want to hear all the things you want I want to hear how you feel […]

Dear … (II)

Dear Yellow Bug, In the most articulate way I can explain it. Being with you has the best feeling every time. It’s the calmest rush It’s the widest frown smile It’s the brightest dull eyes It’s the tightest goodbye hugs It’s the warmest hello kisses It’s the easiest loud laughs It’s the most beautiful ugly […]

Getting over the EX

It’s been a month since we had that horrific dinner. You sat across from me in a room full of people I felt were all laughing at me. As you said those words I felt like my heart was being ripped apart piece by piece endlessly. The pain has not left me. I loved you […]

Is Bae really Bae?

There’s been this trend of lying boyfriends/girlfriends and side pieces lately and it is actually becoming sickening. Relationships these days always seem to have a “scum” story involved at the end and I’m honestly sick and tired of hearing stories of heart broken girls and guys. YES! Some people are actually just helpless liars but […]

Technically Single

There’s always two sides to every story. Sometimes even more. Hi! I’m Nora and I’m Technically Single (Hi! Nora) I’ll be 25 by January. I’m a Lawyer and I love to sing. I met Bidemi the day I was being called to Bar. He came to support a friend of his. We’ve been dating each […]

You’re Just not That Important

From my view you were stunning More so when you walked out Your black kinky hair couldn’t be more beautiful My African Goddess stepped up to me Her shape in her tight dress was even better than I imagined   It was love at first J Breathing in and out the same air as you […]