Dear … (III)

Dear Lover,   I want to lay beside you I want to lay there and do nothing Nothing but talk Talk about you Talk about me Talk about us Hear all the stories I’ve heard before and listen anyways I want to hear all the things you want I want to hear how you feel […]

Dear … (II)

Dear Yellow Bug, In the most articulate way I can explain it. Being with you has the best feeling every time. It’s the calmest rush It’s the widest frown smile It’s the brightest dull eyes It’s the tightest goodbye hugs It’s the warmest hello kisses It’s the easiest loud laughs It’s the most beautiful ugly […]

I Should Speak Too

Leave me to rant I deserve some audience I deserve to be heard I should have a voice I thought we could argue I thought you understood I thought you could deduce That a conversation can go south or not You hit me for the first time Apologized a minute after Said it was a […]

Broken Vessel

Broken, Marred,  shattered,  unrecognizable  Pieces strewn all over the floor  Once whole,  but now looking nothing like what was  One could only imagine a picture of course  ‘Cos In a moment it seemed like the world had just hit a pause  No, scratch that.  *screech sound* Whole, clean,  glistening  Incomparable to nothing  Never worked up […]

Love So Amazing…

From time, we’ve had this seasonal attraction. Most of it came from me. I only cared when I needed Him. He would always give me listening ears even when I knew I had abandoned Him. He never gave up on me and honestly I don’t understand but I constantly did. I used Him every time for […]