Broken Vessel





Pieces strewn all over the floor 

Once whole, 

but now looking nothing like what was 

One could only imagine a picture of course 

‘Cos In a moment it seemed like the world had just hit a pause 

No, scratch that. 

*screech sound*




Incomparable to nothing 

Never worked up

never really used 

Not even to be subject to abuse 

Acquired at great cost

‘Cos only the potter knew what it cost  

Like the vessel of honor 

Not relegated to the corner 

Set aside to be adored 

Consecrated for more than just aesthetics

Looking back this was me 

Because life could only make me mean 

Sucking up to false identity based on what I’d done and where I’d been

Seeking wholeness in things, in people and in all that didn’t matter 

Even while in pieces, I knew better

None of that ever really did matter

In brokenness…

My life, my perspectives changed forever 

Not a question of who I was before 

Nor who they had known me to be

I now know who and whose I am 

Looking ahead to who I am becoming

Seeing the free gift I have in Christ

I leverage on his grace holding fast 

To fulfill purpose and not be an outcast 

Back to my pieces 

Laying about like glorious ruins 


Put back together, 

Like clay in the hands of the potter 

Fitted, transformed into wholeness 

Well, you may see the scars 

But they are visible only for a reason;

Because my story would be incomplete without them

Broken a thousand times and over 

Each time and again to be refined 

Just to be made suitable for purpose 

Thank you Brokenness 

You happened so that I could find myself “


-Aniekan – 

Writer’s blog:


Love So Amazing…

From time, we’ve had this seasonal attraction.

Most of it came from me.

I only cared when I needed Him.

He would always give me listening ears even when I knew I had abandoned Him.

He never gave up on me and honestly I don’t understand but I constantly did.

I used Him every time for only my pleasures and right after I would leave without a word.

For years I totally neglected Him and purposely chose to run the opposite direction even when I knew I had no hiding place.

I could never bring myself to speak of Him so proudly.

I was always so ashamed of being with Him.


He never gave up on me.

He promises never to and once I realized I was running for no reason, I began to understand that I needed to be committed to this Love.

I also needed to put in work.

He never left and He never will

I needed to love Him too.

Just like all relationships, it gets rocky.

We always find a way.

He’s the best lover.

I would talk to Him most times and wonder why I shied away for so long.

He’s just PERFECT.