I Should Speak Too

Leave me to rant I deserve some audience I deserve to be heard I should have a voice I thought we could argue I thought you understood I thought you could deduce That a conversation can go south or not You hit me for the first time Apologized a minute after Said it was a […]

Getting over the EX

It’s been a month since we had that horrific dinner. You sat across from me in a room full of people I felt were all laughing at me. As you said those words I felt like my heart was being ripped apart piece by piece endlessly. The pain has not left me. I loved you […]

Is Bae really Bae?

There’s been this trend of lying boyfriends/girlfriends and side pieces lately and it is actually becoming sickening. Relationships these days always seem to have a “scum” story involved at the end and I’m honestly sick and tired of hearing stories of heart broken girls and guys. YES! Some people are actually just helpless liars but […]

Technically Single

There’s always two sides to every story. Sometimes even more. Hi! I’m Nora and I’m Technically Single (Hi! Nora) I’ll be 25 by January. I’m a Lawyer and I love to sing. I met Bidemi the day I was being called to Bar. He came to support a friend of his. We’ve been dating each […]


The first day I met you was… The first time we kissed we… You made my legs shiver when you…  With you it felt complete but… I loved you with all my heart but… I wanted to be with you but…  You made me happy when… It felt like something was always missing somehow. It […]