I Should Speak Too

Leave me to rant I deserve some audience I deserve to be heard I should have a voice I thought we could argue I thought you understood I thought you could deduce That a conversation can go south or not You hit me for the first time Apologized a minute after Said it was a […]

Love So Amazing…

From time, we’ve had this seasonal attraction. Most of it came from me. I only cared when I needed Him. He would always give me listening ears even when I knew I had abandoned Him. He never gave up on me and honestly I don’t understand but I constantly did. I used Him every time for […]


Hello! I get to do whatever I want on Wednesdays and here’s what I did…… 1 – Are you named after anyone? Yep. My paternal grandma. 2 – When was the last time you cried? A few days ago. Emotional moment 3 – Do you have kids? Nope. 4 – If you were another person, […]