Our First Date

I met him on my way to work months ago. His wandering eyes took him to my phone’s screen. He noticed I was playing a Jon Bellion song and that was our conversation starter. I was really excited to find someone that could agree with me on how Jon makes amazing music. I don’t think we said a lot to each other about anything else.

I got to work and couldn’t wait to tell my boyfriend about my encounter with my “Jon Bellion Guy”. I honestly did not notice anything else. He made my day. It’s really not that easy to find other Jon Bellion fans and the whole day I just kept replaying his words in my head.

What I was feeling was appreciation. Meeting him was my morning gift from the universe and I was very grateful. I told every ear that cared to listen to me. I met someone that loves Jon Bellion too. I couldn’t remember his name, what he looked like or anything but I was excited still. Even if I never got to meet him again, He’ll have that tag in my head just for reference.

Almost a year later, following the failure of a relationship, the loss of loved ones and a new beginning with someone old, I got a phone call.

I’d been dodging phone calls for the longest. Did not want to talk to anybody. Really wanted to talk less… more like nothing.

I reluctantly picked. I heard a familiar voice at the end of the line. A voice that was not regular but has been heard before. I’m not sure why he called that day. I hardly answered to strange numbers. He sounded really nervous and from the moment I echoed his “hello”, I knew I was in for a good laugh.

We talked a few more times and I decided to go on a date. I had never been on a first date and I was curious. I also needed to give someone a chance… someone new.


We made plans and the day finally came.

I had an amazing evening!

I’m not sure about protocols but it was a good date. He was a gentleman. There was a lot of laughter from listening to people sing. There were a few “awws” when a man proposed to his girlfriend.

He looked like he was enjoying himself. He seemed comfortable and nervous at the same time. It kinda made me laugh. He was funny and friendly and nice. He made me feel more comfortable with him.

I was open. I was smiling and laughing out loud. Even in my black outfit, I could be that bright.

I enjoyed myself. I wished I didn’t need to go home where it was all moody and quiet. I was happy to be free again.


Dear Jon Bellion Guy,

Thank you! For an amazing first date and an amazing evening. Thank you for giving me a chance. Thank you for releasing me.



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