I said No.

No means No!



I remember the first day we met,

there was just something off about you

I told my boyfriend Patrick about it but he didn’t fret

You and your instincts, he said

How could he, you were his bestfriend

Patrick really wanted Vincent and i to get along

he had this thing in his head that our relationship wouldn’t work out as well if his babe and

his bestfriend weren’t cool

If only he knew his “friend” Vincent had no sense of right and wrong

We could see eye to eye at some point

Then i started trying to change my mind about him

But deep down i knew it wouldn’t be prolonged

I just didn’t know i’d end up being this distraught

I started talking to you three months ago

I decided to actually get to know you

You turned out great

and we had fun on our trio dates

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