What are We?

Dotun: Babe

Chi: Yh?

Dotun: There’s something I need to ask you

Chi: Ok. Shoot

Dotun: What are we doing?

Chi: Errrmmm Playing FIFA???

Dotun: Chinyere Nwankwo I’m being serious here. What are we doing?

Chi: Dee can we please not get into this conversation.I really just want to enjoy this moment. We’re  having so much fun.

Dotun: Chi please answer

Chi: We’re friends, partners, humans etc. we’re together.

Dotun: So… why don’t your friends or family members know about me. Why don’t you want to meet my mum.

Chi: Ugh…. Dee is this what this is about? Is this why you’ve been quiet all day?

Dotun: Babe! I’m confused here. We’ve been “together” for about 2 years and I’m beginning to feel like you’re a ghost or something. Are you ashamed of me? Am I not the kind of person you want to show to the world? Am I ugly? What is it? Why am I … no why are “We” a secret?

Chi: We’re not. You know that. I am proud of you and I’ll always be. You are husband material  1 million yards. You are very handsome. We’re not a secret babe. Can we finish this match please?

** Chi’s Thoughts: Finally back to this game!! Why will Dotun even bring this up right now. Lemme even finish this game and go and cook. Hunger wan kill person here**

Dotun: Do you have a secret family somewhere else?

Chi: Errrrmmmmm… HAHAHAHAHAHA… NO! Why will you say that? You know I’m not keeping anything from you.

Dotun: Are you scared I’ll leave?

Chi: No! Dotun biko eat your food before it gets cold.

Dotun: Are you tired? Do you even care about this relationship?

Chi: Dee how can you say that? You know I love you very much. You know that I love what we have. What is going on with you today? I think you’re the scared one. I’ve tried to brush off this conversation all day but you keep bring it up.

Dotun: I really don’t know what to think babe. I don’t know what you want me to think either.

Chi: Think that you know I love you. Think that you know that what we have is priceless. Think that you know it in your heart that I’m not going anywhere. Think that you know I am yours. The whole world doesn’t have to know when we take a dump or when we fight or make up. They don’t even need to know about us. We know about us. Think that I am yours just as much as I know that you are mine.



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