Less Is More

I love the simplest things. I love my clothes more comfortable, my makeup less obvious, my accessories less glittery. Not like all these things are wrong. It’s just a personal preference. I have a mother who loved to dress me up in the cutest clothes and do my hair in the prettiest style. I appreciated all of that when I was younger even though I’d rather wear my brother’s shirts and shorts and she hasn’t stopped being that person that likes a little extra. Hers is mostly about the fashion; Her clothes, shoes, bags always look exquisite and I love to admire her. She loves beautiful and bold jewellery.


It is safe to say that in this aspect, the apple fell far from the tree. When I was a lot younger, I hated jewellery. Didn’t care to wear earrings because they bothered my ears. People actually thought I was a “Deeper Lifer”. LOL. I would run to the car before everyone else got ready for church and hide my ears from my mum until we got far. Obviously, she found a way around that and started carrying jewellery in her bag for me. Ugghhhhh very frustrating for me.


I am older now and I have been able to settle down and discover my style. I love the simplest clothes. I still don’t like jewellery as much as I thought I should but I love makeup. I am not awesome at it. My makeup is pretty much Foundation, eye liner, eye brow and lipstick. I love my lip makeup most. I feel like the colour of my lips could affect my mood and expression. Once in a while I go extra and try to contour. LOL and apply eye shadow and do the smoky eye thingy. I try my best, I really do. I still don’t know how to put on false lashes and the day I finally spent over 1 hour trying, I ended up blinking more than usual and I cut it because it kept bothering me.


For my hair, hmmmmm. I do not like braiding. I have fallen in love with scarfs, wigs and crochet braids. I grew out my natural hair and got tired and cut it and then hated it and let it grow and then relaxed it and then cut it and then relaxed it and now I’m trying to grow it back again. lol. OK that was a lot. I am trying to transition and it is definitely the most annoying thing ever but I want to be patient with my hair this time.


What is your style like? Do you think Less is More or do you love to be bold?


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