How I almost got Kidnapped

This PH is just a jungle. Everybody is hustling in their own way and some people will want to come and put sand sand inside your garri. It is by God’s Grace that we find ourselves alive everyday and it is really sad that some others are not as lucky.

Hmmmm my people I left my house for work o. Trekked to my junction and was trying to get a Taxi AKA ALONG. Because of this yeye fuel/dollar increase (I’m not sure which one is worse), transportation fares have increased. On a regular day, getting to work should cost 150 but as a PH  babe, I cannot give up and just enter. I have to hustle for 100 first.

After a long wait, my Jesus finally came through for me. I found someone going for 100 . I sharply hopped in and started my journey to work. We were just 2 passengers and it didn’t take long before the driver slowed down to drop the other guy. 

This gentleman came down from the car and brought out 5 dollars. I will normally block my ears with music until I get to work but for some reason this morning my ears were not in the mood.

Omo as I sighted the wretched dollars, I knew I had entered one chance. My memory went straight to the story I read somewhere about a girl that entered this type of once chance. I started to look for exit strategy and I realised I did not have much time.

Luckily for me, I was the only one in the back seat so I was holding on to the door behind the driver. my stun gun was at home charging. stupid rubbish charge. Today of all days I decided to charge it. mtchewwwew.

The driver and his precious passenger were arguing for a while on which currency should be used in Nigeria.Ma nigga said he doesn’t speak English and he’s not from here. That’s the only money he has. He came to look for his customer in oil road, ebony road. 

His dear friend, Mr driver told him enter the car again so he could take him to where he can get a cab to change money. These yeye men did not know that I’m not cut out for that crap. The so called Dakar guy spoke one stupid igbotic French that even made me laugh. 

Luckily for me, this driver slowed down again and started speaking igbo to me. Innocent Kalabari girl like me but mehn at that point I was already on the phone with a friend just to distract them and before he could say 2 words, the door was open and I was out. 

whew!!!!dazz how God saved His baby gyal o. The whole experience was just funny to me. Stupid guys! I honestly hope they did not find another victim. 

Dear God, thank you for your constant love and protection. Thank you for wisdom and strength and thank you for not making me somebody’s money bag. 


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