My Thoughts on Fear

This world is a dark place. Very dark and as time passes by, negativity seems to cloud what is left of the light. It’s funny how things are seeming harder and humanity is losing itself in all of this.

A few months ago, I started digging deep into the actions of man. It all came down to one thing for me. FEAR.

Fear is a lot of things and I think the word itself is underestimated.

I always hear people say “Money is the root of all evil” or “The love of money is the root of all evil” I choose to edit mine “FEAR IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

Okay let’s all think about this. We all accept we are here to LOVE right? Anyone else with a different opinion?


  • drives you to hurt someone you love because he/she might hurt you first
  • makes you walk away from something because it might not work out
  • give up on a dream just because it might not succeed
  • makes men go to the extent of killing because they might be poor and at the bottom of the food chain
  • make countries throw the first missile at war because the other just might do it first




Feel free to drop comments and thoughts…..




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