Ever found something you never want to let go? Something so little yet so much for you to handle.

Ever looked back and wondered “How did I get here so fast?”

Ever felt like the rules don’t apply?

You feel invisible like nothing will ever catch you. The world is working in your favour everywhere you turn. You are unstoppable. You are untouchable. Nothing can go south from here. It’s either up or up. Your life is TURNT!

And then you get into that ditch that came from nowhere. You rev up your engine so much and hit that deer that just popped out of the woods. This is where the confusion comes. This is when you start panicking. You’re upset about the car; you’re asking where the obstacle showed up from; you’re angry that you were so silly to drive so fast.

Something you miss is You are Going off the Cliff. Right now! your car is drifting into the valley. Whether or not you made a mistake before this minute, it doesn’t matter because you’re letting yourself get deeper into the mess.

Life is Good. Has always been and will always be. Sometimes we get carried away and that’s OK.

But when we hit that deer and start drifting, it shouldn’t matter what has been or what will be. All that should matter is “What IS


I have been growing up so fast and living my life in such a hurry. It was beautiful and I have no regrets. I like to let things go as fast as possible and honestly there’s no crime in that. Honestly! It is too late for me to start asking myself silly questions and wondering why I made the moves I made because it is in the Past. Whether or not I sit down and rearrange my past and find the cause of my collision, I cannot change it. It has happened. It is GONE and I can never turn back the hands of time.

I also cannot try to figure out what tomorrow will be like because I don’t even know if I’ll be here tomorrow. For all I know I am here right now and that’s all I need to work with. That’s all I really need to know. This moment is all that matters.


Dear Aurora,

I know life seems like it’s in a hurry and you feel like you’re stuck. You’re not. Stop trying to play God in this drama and focus on the present. Mistakes have been made, words have been said and there’s nothing you can do to take them back. Fix right now because that’s all you’re really sure of.



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