You’re Just not That Important

From my view you were stunning

More so when you walked out

Your black kinky hair couldn’t be more beautiful

My African Goddess stepped up to me

Her shape in her tight dress was even better than I imagined


It was love at first J

Breathing in and out the same air as you

Mary Jane never felt so good

The way your fingers moved to my neck

The sweet sensation from your massage


Small eyes. Gone from all the drugs

We knew we were nothing without our vices

The alcohol, the smokes

We could never resist

“Drunk In Love”. That’s what we were


We’ve been at this for a while.

Boredom is slowly creeping in

Some days I feel like your love is choking me

Some days I want you away… far far away

Some other days… maybe everyday I don’t want you at all


I saw all your calls

I wanted to answer to hear your voice

I knew I wouldn’t speak and you wouldn’t either

We are strangers now

I guess we’ve always been


It’s been months since we last talked

I want to miss you but I don’t

I feel the need to see you but I won’t

We’re better off this way

You’re better off without me



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